Samsung’s new 8 Gigabit OneNAND won’t be speeding up SSDs soon but it may well be bringing more performance to small devices with embedded flash memory.   The name tells it all, this is about bits not bytes; speed not size.  Traditional NAND hits 17Mb/s and Samsung claims their new NAND hits 70Mb/s which might not be a true Gb/s but certainly ramps up the speed.  Read on at SemiAccurate to see how fast it could do the Kessel Run.

“MOBILE DEVICES ARE starting to need more and more internal memory and as great as being able to fit a 16GB or even 32GB memory card into your mobile device is, there are still times when you need to install applications on the internal memory of your smartphone. There are two major issues related to this, cost and space inside the device. Samsung appears to be at least one step closer to solving the second of these problems with its new 8 Gigabit OneNAND Flash memory.”

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