The ASUS ROG Xpander is a daughter card specifically designed to allow 4 way SLI on the soon to arrive ASUS Rampage III Extreme.  Install it on the first and third PCIe slots, plug in a six pin PCIe power plug and a few molex power connectors to power the pair of nForce 200 chips on the board and you should get four 16x PCIe lanes just waiting for a Fermi card or four.  The fit will be tight in most cases but if you want the most extreme benchmark results you will probably find a way.  We won’t see this in action until Computex gets going but you can see some pictures over at HEXUS.
“Turns out the Rampage III Extreme motherboard unveiled by ASUS back in March won’t support four-way SLI configurations right out of the box.

Perhaps in an effort to keep costs down, ASUS opted against equipping the board with NVIDIA NF200 bridge chips and a four-way SLI license. The decision makes sense, as very few users are ever going to utilise a four-way GPU configuration, and both the added expense and additional power draw (each NF200 chip eats up around 6W) are essentially drawbacks for 99 per cent of users.”

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