When XP first appeared as a 64-bit OS, many peoples free firewall program of choice, ZoneAlarm, suddenly disappeared as an option.  As they came along, Vista and Win7, when installed as a 64-bit OS also could not use ZoneAlarm and people sought out different choices of free firewalls like Ghostwall or even resorted to the built in Windows firewall. It seems that about a year ago, Zonealarm did finally make the switch to 64 bit allowing the use of their free firewall on systems that could not before.   Find out if it is worth switching back to your old firewall provider in the review of the latest version at ExtremeTech.

“The release of the original free ZoneAlarm utility in 1999 effectively created the personal firewall market. Over the years, that initial simple tool has evolved into a range of security products, with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010 ($69.99 direct) at the top of the food chain. Though the company never abandoned its original free utility, they did let it languish without significant updates for quite some time. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 9.2 streamlines basic firewall protection and adds significant bonus features, bringing the product back to preeminence in the personal firewall realm.”

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