Killowatt class PSUs are becoming common now that we are seeing CPU and GPU combinations that truly require that much power and that amount of power is not simply overkill or for bragging rights.  Kingwin’s Lazer Gold 1000W Power Supply reflects the new power conscious focus of the tech industry, providing 1000W of power and rated at an 80+ Gold level.  [H]ard|OCP put it through their usual torturous testing to see how much this PSU could take and it walked out of their tests the most efficient kilowatt class PSU they’ve tested yet.  As a high end system builder you owe it to yourself to see just why this PSU picked up a Silver Award.

“1000 watts of Gold Rated 80 Plus+ power is not something that you find in the PSU market every day, but with the new GPUs swallowing mass amounts of power, the PSU guys are going to have to step up with better units. Kingwin does exactly that with its new “Lazer” unit, the LZG-1000.”

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