The Tenma 72-7712 incorporates two very important features for keeping track of temperatures, dual thermocouples ensure accurate readings and USB output so you can log the results and refer to them later.  You won’t have troubles seeing what your GPU is emanating in the way of heat under full load as you can just play a game for a while an check the results later on.  It might not be as quick and easy as an infrared heat probe but it will be much more accurate and can also record the difference in temperatures between probe 1 and probe 2 allowing you to really get the best cooling to your PCs problem spots.  techREACTION takes you through the Tenma 72-7712 here.

“The 72-7712 Digital Thermometer from Tenma Test Equipment is a dual thermocouple meter with internal logging capability, USB output for saving logged data and software up-link. This unit can become an integral part of a PC testing arsenal by allowing for isolation of case hot spots, heat sink testing and LN2/Dry Ice work. The limitations start to change and the performance bar can be raised when you know where it is hot and where it is not.”

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