Overclocking Results
The A330ION has some built-in overclocking features that should help give users a performance boost, which seems to be greatly needed after seeing our benchmark scores. The Atom 330 dual core 1.6GHz has a little overhead so we’ll make a few adjustments to the BIOS before we start to overclock the CPU.

When overclocking CPUs, it’s important to disable any power-saving features in the BIOS. So, the first thing we did was disable spread spectrum and C1E. Next, we started increasing the CPU’s front-side bus without modifying the voltages to see how far we could get until the system became unstable. We were pretty impressed to get to 1.8GHz before we noticed some instabilities. Next, we increased the VCore, which helped us get to 2.14GHz, but we couldn’t keep it stable so we had to back it down to 2.007GHz. This is around a 20 percent increase in CPU performance.

See our overclocking results below for more details:

ASRock A330ION Mini ITX Atom + ION Motherboard Review - Motherboards 65
Final stable overclock: 2.007GHz

ASRock A330ION Mini ITX Atom + ION Motherboard Review - Motherboards 66 
BIOS CPU Frequency and VCORE voltage configurations

CPU Speed CPU Multiplier
Bus Speed
FSB DRAM Timings CPU Voltage Temp (Idle) Temp (Load)
2.007GHz 12 167MHz 668 MHz 8-8-8-26 2T 1.2v 38c, 33c
41c, 40c

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