The long awaited Asus Eee T101MT is finally going to be released… but in Japan. The Eee T101MT is an Intel Atom based netbook with a convertible screen for a tablet-style interaction. The screen is 10.1″ with 1024×600 resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth, an Atom N450 CPU, and 2GB of RAM.

It will begin selling in Japan next week at a cool 62800 Yen, or about $685 dollars. While I like the design and the concept, I think the price will make many customers think twice. It’s definitely a niche product which I suppose justifies the price tag.

Question: So what do you think? Would you pay $685 for a convertible netbook? Would you wait for a slate PC instead or get an iPad? Let me know via email or on Twitter.

Asus Eee T101MT Finally Being Released .... in Japan - Mobile 2