If you are in the market for some high(ish) end cup style earphones that stick with reproducing quality sound and do not venture into microphones or beat on your head to music then you should look into Audio-Technica’s ATH-AD700 headphones[H]ard|OCP recently reviewed this $90 headset and were impressed enough that it finished the review picking up a gold award.  There are better headphones out there, but they will cost you at least twice as much to pick up and most of the extra quality they offer will disappear as you concentrate on fragging bad guys or on the visual effects of the movie.

“With our recent wired and wireless headset reviews, we picked up a pair of ATH-AD700 Headphones to compare to at the urging of our readers. Today we give you a review of what is likely one of the best values in wired headphones in the world. If you are thinking of purchasing soon, you owe it to yourself to read this review.”

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