There is a sneak peek over at Engadget of some of the features that will be included in the new version of Windows.  There is little information on what improvements will be made to the kernel or the file system but they do have some goodies to share.  USB 3 and Bluetooth 3 are more integrated, facial recognition will be the norm and new states like logoff and hibernate will appear.  There will even be more leeway for OEMs to customize the version of Windows they put on their machines.  Follow the links back to the source to get all of the info.

“Sure, Microsoft might be selling seven copies of Windows 7 a second, but that doesn’t mean Redmond isn’t planning for the future: the software giant is purportedly beginning to prep ODMs on Windows 8, if these leaked slides are to be believed. It doesn’t look like anything is nailed down just yet, but some interesting larger themes are being discussed, like improving startup and and wake-from-sleep times to be nearly instantaneous, the addition of higher-speed interconnects like USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, hard drive encryption, ambient light sensitivity, and facial recognition login / out.”

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