When you get sick of having lousy audio on recordings you make for live broadcast or for prosperity, and start researching good audio solutions one particular style of microphone will come to your attention.  The Audio-Technica ATR 6550 is a good example of a shotgun mic, a style of mic that is a little more directionally accurate than its name might suggest.  As far as a these mics go, the ATR 6550 is very well priced and offers several features to take your audio recordings to the next level.  Take a listen to OverclockersHQ’s review to get more detailed information.

“Video making has come a long way from your good ol’ family videos of drunken uncle Bobs speech and your sister’s wedding. Professional or rather pro-sumer grade equipment is becoming readily available for a much broader audience than it ever was before. This drop in the price of quality equipment has made it possible for people with talent and little budget to create things that were in the past out of their reach. One thing that I have personally appreciated about new budget cameras is adding something as simple as an audio input took the quality of a basic video up a serious notch by being able to use a more professional quality shotgun mic to get the sound quality needed for a much less amateur approach to filmmaking. Audio-Technica is one such Company to jump on this band wagon with the Audio-Technica ATR 6550 Shotgun Video Mic. Let’s take a look at it.”

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