The contestants include two from LC Power, the LC1000 Legion X2 and LC1200 Monolith X as well as a Silverstone SST-ST1500 and the CoolerMaster Silent Pro M1000.  Every single PSU can provide at least a kilowatt of power and range in efficiency from just scraping 80% to one PSU rated for 80+ Gold.  Drop by InsideHW where they’ve done some comparison testing as to the quality of power delivered under full load and assembled it into an easy to read table.  It is a handy reference to see how they stack up at a glance.

“Latest-gen graphics cards consume an awful lot of power, and that seems to increase with each generation. The same could be said for CPUs as well. A configuration that would be able to run the latest games in high resolutions often requires more than one graphics card. The usual 500 W PSU simply won’t be enough in such situations. We thought that it would be interesting to delve into PSUs that could power overclocked quad-core or hexa- core CPUs combined with two or more graphics cards. We borrowed a couple of PSUs from LC Power, namely Metatron series models of 1000 and 1200 W. The remaining two arrived from SilverStone and Cooler Master…”

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