You can always count on ASUS to have some innovative and forward looking devices at trade shows and this year’s Computex is no exception.  While MSI was the first to introduce a motherboard based on the Lucid HYDRA technology with the Big Bang Fuzion, ASUS is taking it one step further with a prototype motherboard that includes not only a HYDRA chip but also a discrete Radeon HD 5770 GPU on-board!

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The on-board HD 5770 GPU, which ASUS says could be replaced with a lower end chip or even an NVIDIA option if they wanted, enables the motherboard to operate as an integrated graphics board even though it is using the X58 chipset.  You could plop in a CPU and memory and be off and running using the integrated HDMI port for display output.  I do hope they opt for DisplayPort or DVI in a future revision though.

Also, with the inclusion of the HYDRA chip a user could plug in any other discrete graphics cards, another HD 5770, an HD 5870 or even an NVIDIA card, and see performance scaling utilizing the integrated HD 5770.  While we still think there are issues to debate about the validity of the HYDRA technology on the software side, it is implementations like this that we have always THOUGHT would be available in the market.

ASUS also showed off the Crosshair IV Extreme AMD 890FX motherboard with HYDRA support and a rather interesting riser card that adds a pair of nForce 200 chips for true 4-Way SLI support that can install on an existing motherboard.  You’ll have to watch the video to see it.

More from Computex soon!