While Microsoft is parading around WEC7, Google has announced that they will be releasing Chrome OS this fall sometime between September 22 and December 21. It’s a pretty good bet that there will be some tablets featuring this OS at time of launch.

One of the things Microsoft got right with Windows 7 was in providing a familiar user experience that runs well on netbook architecture, it remains to be seen if Chrome will be able to compete on that level right away. Google’s key advantage are their Google web services and cloud infrastructure.

Computex: Google to Launch Chrome OS this Fall, Android on Moorestown in 2011? - Mobile 2

While on the topic of Google, we are getting more details on Android 2.1 running on Intel Moorestown platform. The Aava Virta reference phone was seen and fondled by the folks at Engadget. While they weren’t completely floored by the experience, they were aware that the setting wasn’t ideal (no internet connection or HD content).

Those hoping to get Moorestown devices by this fall will have to wait a little longer, as Intel VP Anand Chandrasekher speaking in Taiwan said that Moorestown won’t be available for another 6 to 12 months. The Chandrasekher goes on to say that we’ll likely see tablets with Moorestown first before smart phones.