(Taipei – June 2, 2010) Globally-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI unveiled its all-new Military Class product series at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010. In mainboards, along with the newly released Big Bang-XPower that can also be seen in AMD 800 series, graphics cards from the R5870 Lightning & Twin Frozr series offer a complete experience. In addition to a sustained foundation of over 23 years of solid R&D, a perfect combination of stability, extreme durability and high performance are upheld from the most fundamental materials procurement to use of server grade, military standards. Not only does MSI use Hi-c CAP, which provide 8 times longer lifespan than Solid CAP, but also Icy Choke, which reduces overheating caused by high current loads from overclocking, giving consumers unprecedented stability and enjoyment. Graphics cards feature Solid State Choke, which has no high frequency noise and low vibration. What’s more, both graphics card products feature Solid CAP to increase overall board lifespan. Welcome to visit MSI at Booth L607 during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010; let MSI show you the new model of extreme technology, and once again experience innovation, quality, durability and extreme performance milestones.
Computex: MSI Military Class Series Mainboards & Graphics Cards Unveiled - Motherboards 2

Hi-c CAP offers 8 times the lifespan of solid state capacitors
Server grade Hi-c CAP, which has a core that features the rare element Tantalum, offers high temperature durability and stability. Often used in harsh, high temperature environments or high precision operations, it offers a lifecycle more than 8 times longer than solid state capacitors and provides both ultra high stability and performance.

Icy Choke, besides having ultra-high heat resistance, also has a lower ESR(Equivalent Series Resistance), which provides a reduced operating temperature, lower power consumption, and smart power saving usage while completely satisfying the dual requirements of low-temperature/high performance and secure stability.

Solid State Choke, in addition to having heat-resistant characteristics, offers a special centralized structural design that can effectively reduce the production of noise, provide secure stability and has no high frequency buzz noise—fully meeting the multiple demands low temperature/low noise and stable high performance.

Solid CAP provides a lifespan of up to 10 years
The entire range of MSI’s Military Class series products features a Solid CAP design. Unlike normal capacitors, solid state capacitors use high polymer Aluminum, which increases heat-resistance. In 80°C operating environments, product lifespan can be extended to over 10 years. In 105°C high speed overclocking environments, it offers an amazing lifespan of 5,000 hours.

Achieving innovation with a strict adherence to quality requires not just substantial R&D and a long accumulation of experience, but more importantly, quality component design and configuration. MSI provides consumers with the most comprehensive solutions through rigorous analysis of consumer user experiences and the discovery and application of valuable high-end materials. In addition to our requirements for innovation, we also insist on product quality, performance and extended product durability. We are prepared to meet the demands of consumers.