The new $69 Cooler Master V6GT is targeted at overclockers with big cases, it weighs in at 939g and stands 131 x 120 x 165mm.  There is nothing game changing about the design, V shaped heatpipes help pull the heat away from your CPU and a single 120mm fan pulls the heat away from the heatsink.  However, the design does offer some nice performance improvements as Overclockers Club saw some serious cooling power from this heatsink.  It didn’t do so well as a passive cooler though, so stick with the high flow fan.

“To say the least, the Cooler Master V6GT is a fantastic heatsink. It outperformed all of the other comparison heatsinks in every test but one, and pulled even further ahead in the load tests. The large size of the V6GT is made up for by its heat capacity and these tests show it.”

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