[H]ard|OCP noticed that the new ForceWare drivers seem to have jumped a few numbers and set about testing the 257.21 driver under a number of games to see if there was also a jump in performance.  It was definitely worth their time as any owner of a GTX 470 or GTX 480 needs to grab this driver now; they saw improvements across the board.  The star was Battlefield Bad Company 2, which not only offered benefits in terms of performance but also visual quality improvements.  This is a nice, and free, upgrade for your Fermi.

“NVIDIA’s new ForceWare 257.21 WHQL driver takes a giant leap in version numbers, but does it take a giant leap in real-world gaming performance? We found at least one scenario where it does! You surely don’t want to miss the giant leap in Transparency Antialiasing performance experienced in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.”

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