When new tech arrives on the scene it is always a good idea to check around to see what it is good for before you run out and buy it, even if it is a really good sale.  Say for instance that you notice a really sweet sounding motherboard that has two sockets for CPUs, something that you might not have heard of before.  A question to the forums will reveal that there are members who not only know that there are tricks to dualie motherboards, some might even be running one from back in the day of the Athlon MPA good question might even get some long term members into a disagreement that will teach you more than you might have thought possible about the topic you were asking about.  If you do happen to get that dual CPU system working, make sure to drop by our Distributed Computing Forums and join one of our teams.  There is a large selection of projects that you can donate spare CPU cycles to.

A recent example of the collective wisdom of the PC Perspective Forums and its members appeared in the Display Forum, where one of our lovely and talented (for certain values of lovely and talented) members has assembled a sticky thread that will help you navigate the wide world of displays, everything from illumination and panel type to refresh rates is covered.

Once you have that display set up and calibrated, I can think of no better way to celebrate than to watch our newest PC Perspective Podcast, picked on Wednesday and delivered fresh to your PC by Friday!