The big three NAND makers, Toshiba, Macronix and Samsung are loving the surge of popularity of their products.  It isn’t just the SSD market that is making their accountants smile, the ever growing need for more capacity embedded in mobile products is helping as well.  All three had something new to announce to The Inquirer when they were asked.  With
Samsung it is all about their new 30nm process memory that will be coming to SSDs in the near future.  Toshiba is also bragging about their size, though in this case it is how big their new embeddable chip is, 128GB to be exact.  Finally Toshiba is looking to break into the third dimension with stacked memory chips which will allow huge jumps in storage density; if you remember your geometry a cube has a lot more volume than a square.

“MEMORY MAKERS Toshiba, Macronix and Samsung have pulled the covers off a type of NAND flash memory module, some NAND research and an SSD drive using toggle-mode DDR NAND.

Toshiba launched a 128GB embedded NAND flash memory module, which it said was the highest capacity yet achieved in the industry.”

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