Visiting the PC Perspective forums for help is always a good idea, even if your question is not technically about a PC, since at least one of our fine members will know at least a little about what you need more information on.  For instance this thread will put you in the know for picking an inexpensive drawing pad to doodle on.  Of course if you do have a question involving PCs and their components you will get more people answering.  If you are instead looking for an opinion on a component and which choice is the best you will run into forum members with differing opinions, as in many case no particular component or cooling solution is so far beyond the competition as to be unarguably the best.

This is especially true if you wander into the less formal and hardware-centric forums like The Lightning Round where our members can express their opinions on current events and get into a nice friendly political flame war.  Drop by and cruise around, at the least you will be entertained and a best you may be hooked for life.