Gateway has announced today two new Intel Core i3 / i5 slim 14″ and 15″ notebooks called the ID series. Both the 14″ ID49 and 15″ ID59 will feature aluminum lids and just a 1″ thickness.

NVIDIA Optimus will be available on certain models of ID49 and use NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPUs. The GT 330M is a departure from the typical GT 310M used in most Optimus enabled notebooks available today and will feature better 3D performance, but at the cost of higher power consumption (14 TDP on the 310M vs. 23 TDP on the 330M).

Both ID49 and ID59 will have 1366×768 LED displays, HDMI output, and Dolby Home Theater v3 audio.

Based on this press release, my money is on the ID49 which is smaller, lighter, and can have Optimus. The ID59, however, was not singled out for NVIDIA’s power management technology, and it features a somewhat disappointing 1366×768 resolution.

The 14″ ID49 will start at $679.99 and the 15.6″ ID59 will start at $799.99.

Gateway Launches New "Chic" ID Series Notebooks - Slim with NVIDIA Optimus - Mobile 2