There are three models of the Scythe USB Foot Switch, single, double and triple pedal.  They will look familiar to anyone who has seen an effects pedal for an electric instrument or has invested money in a high end game sim setup.  They range from $20 to $50, making them affordable for a gamer looking to map a few more quickly accessible buttons or the devoted sim player who wants to use foot pedals.  Pop on over to Pro-Clockers to decide if they are just a gimmick or a great idea for yourself.

“Scythe’s latest gadget will give your wandering feet something useful to do when sitting in first of the PC. The USB Foot Switch will not replace the mouse or keyboard but it will allow you to assign tasks to a particular application and let your feet do some of the clicking while the finger rest for a few seconds. The USB Foot Switch comes in three different variations: one, two and three pedals.”

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