Windows is out at Google as the company cites security concerns and offers its employees the choice of either Mac or Linux for their main computer.  This move is prompted by security concerns as they hope to avoid the many viruses and other nasties targeted at the much more popular Microsoft platform by moving to ones where the malware is less common; a different kind of security through obscurity.   Of course one has to wonder if Google’s adoption of these platforms will not inspire those who originally make the viruses to start going after the other two platforms.  Even an open source platform that is updated constantly is not perfectly secure and once adopted by a large company the updates will not be implemented immediately as they will need to go through testing.  This move might possibly hurt Microsoft’s reputation in general and Linux and Mac’s reputations for security.

DailyTech mentions that most Google employees don’t mind having their Windows PC taken away but removing their Mac would probably take the Jaws of Life and a blowtorch.

“Google is one of the most creative and powerful tech companies in the world, thus its actions are scrutinized at times. However, it’s hard not to see a bit of significance in this one — Google is reportedly phasing out Windows due to security concerns.”

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