A Google researcher has released to the world an exploit that uses the Help Center in Windows XP to take remote control of your system.  Some security experts and most of Microsoft are rather upset about this as they only received notification of this vulnerability on June 5th, giving them 5 days to work on a fix.  The Google researcher has pointed out that without an actual exploit in the wild, Microsoft is not going to move quickly to stop a rather nasty exploit and instead will just add it to the list.  The researcher has also provided enough information on how exactly the exploit works that system administrators can put in place a temporary fix to ensure that their system.  Follow the conversation on Slashdot about how a vulnerability like this should be dealt with; kept a secret until the company fixes it or released to the world to prove that the attack is real and put pressure on the company responsible for fixing it.

“”A Google engineer Thursday published attack code that exploits a zero-day vulnerability in Windows XP, giving hackers a new way to hijack and infect systems with malware. But other security experts objected to the way the Google engineer disclosed the bug — just five days after it was reported to Microsoft — and said the move is more evidence of the ongoing, and increasingly public, war between the two giants.””

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