If you are familiar with MSI you have probably encountered their Lightning branded GeForce cards and now they have expanded their series to include an HD5870.  They have kept the same design, with a custom cooling solution, solid state chokes, Hi-C capacitors and the famous Proadlizer.  Unfortunately [H]ard|OCP could not find a reason to justify the $90 premium over a stock HD5870.  The technology that went into the card is solid, but the factory overclock was small and they couldn’t get much more out of the GPU when they tried manually overclocking the card. 

“One of the new features of the HD5xxxx series of video cards is Eyefinity, the technique that allows you to hook up several monitors to the video card and have the OS see it as one big monitor. While regular HD5xxx cards can support up to 3 monitors the ultimate Eyefinity experience can only be had with a HD5870 Eyefinity6 Edition video card which, as its name implies, supports up to 6 monitors at the same time. AMD was kind enough to lend us 6 monitors so we could test one of these cards and in today’s review we test to see if the XFX HD5870 Eyefinity6 Edition video card together with 6 nice Dell monitors indeed does deliver the ultimate gaming experience.”

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