The Foxconn A88GM Deluxeis a rather unique 880GB based motherboard as it uses the SB850 for its southbridge just like the more expensive 890GX boards, instead of the older SB710 that is the default for the 880GB chipset.  That means you have a half dozen SATA-600 ports instead of the older SATA300, you can run RAID5 and you get an additional pair of USB 2.0 ports.  The 880G has an HD4250 onboard and the audio is provided by Realtek’s ALC888S-VC2-GR codec offering 7.1 sound.  If all that sounds like a deal at $85 you should head over to Hardware Secrets to see the rest of the specs on this board.

“The new AMD 880G chipset is based on Radeon HD 4250 graphics engine, which is a slower version of the graphics engine used on AMD 890GX (Radeon HD 4290). This way 880G-based motherboards are cheaper than 890GX-based ones. AMD 880G chipset is normally paired with AMD SB710 south bridge chip, but on A88GM Deluxe the manufacturer decided to use SB850, which is the south bridge chip from AMD 890GX, providing native support for SATA-600 ports. This way A88GM Deluxe is one step above other motherboards based on the same chipset.”

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