For over a decade the release of a new Windows OS has been met with demands to know when the first Service Pack will arrive, or in some cases Service Pack 2.  They have helped corporate adoption in the past thanks to it having all of the dozens of critical security updates bundled together and tested to see that they play together nicely, thus ensuring far less in the way of repeat testing by their IT departments before it is rolled out.  For the home user it is similar, having the bugs worked out and the extra testing of compatibility is nice when you really don’t want to deal with the problems any new OS is sure to be plagued with. 

Unfortunately for those hoping for a release similar to WinXP SP2 which gave new functionality to the OS the Win7 update will not bring new features.  All it will consist of is the aforementioned best of compilation of security patches and driver updates.  As The Register puts it “Microsoft might just realise its wish that Windows 7 SP1 will be regarded as a mere footnote.” 

“OPERATING SYSTEM DEVELOPER Microsoft has announced that it will release the first service pack for Windows 7 at the end of July.

The Vole clearly is trying to ditch the stigma attached to pre-service pack versions of its operating systems by understating its importance. Many enterprise users wait until the first service pack (SP1) before upgrading to Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS. Downplaying the role of SP1 in selling Windows 7, Microsoft said that SP1 “will simply be the combination of updates already available through Windows Update and additional hotfixes” and that many organisations had already made the leap, without waiting for SP1.”

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