The time has come and the new iPhone, plus the new iPhone OS is upon us and we can finally see how it stacks up to the current competition.  Engadget matches it with the EVO 4G in their overview here, listing the most important things that they know for sure.  The screen on the iPhone 4 is slightly smaller, but with a higher resolution which ought to make browsing a little more attractive.  The primary camera of the iPhone has a few less megapixels than the competition but then again it is thinner which may have had an impact on Apple’s choice of sensor.  One thing we don’t know much about yet is the new video conference application that they call FaceTime but expect to see hands on usage of that as well as other new features in the near future.

“If you put your ear up to the screen, you can hear these two beasts snarling at one another. Hit up the gallery for more shots, along with some iPhone 3G for good measure. Let’s see how they stack up on the big stats, shall we?”

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