As you should well know the biggest gaming competitions involve an elderly game that goes by the name of StarCraft.  While not quite as big in North America as it is in Asia, that statement aptly describes the population difference as well which is how StarCraft can remain so big while the Western world has moved on for the most part.  These competitive gamers are scary to watch in action as in order to be able to try to compete you had better be capable of at least 400 actions per minute, or about 6.66 actions per second.  The other important feature is the ability to have a LAN game.  StarCraft 2 will not support LAN play, you will need a connection to an outside server and the focus on pretty graphics is the least of these competitive gamers concerns.   Wired points out that this may mean that competitive gamers will stick to the first iteration of this game, long after StarCraft 2 is released.

“An audience of 12,000 turned out to watch the StarCraft finals at last year’s World Cyber Games. When Lee Jae-Dong, aka the God of Destruction, finally vanquished his opponent, a female admirer rushed the stage with a victory garland before security could escort her off. If a lo-res PC game released in 1998 can garner this sort of frenzy, fans are sure to go mad when StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is released later this year. Or not.”

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