The EVGA Classified SR-2 comes in a fairly uncommon form factor, High Performance Technology eXtended or HPTX, which means you have to find a case that will fit a board that is 13.6″ x 15″.  The reason that the motherboard is so large is to fit the 7 PCIe slots, three of which will function at their full 16x speed concurrently.  They manage that with an impressive mix of chipsets, the Intel 5520 chipset provides 36 PCI Express x1 lanes and the ICH10R provides six more lanes, plus there is a pair of nForce 200 bridge chips.  It is a dual socket board, though don’t expect to drop just any LGA1366 CPU in the board as it will only work with socket 1366 Xeon processors.  Drop by Hardware Secrets for more features, like the triple BIOS and informational LEDs on the board.

“EVGA Classified SR-2 (the “SR” on the name stands for “Super Record”) is an enormous dual socket 1366 motherboard based on Intel 5520 chipset with seven PCI Express x16 for you to build the fastest gaming PC in the world.”

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