Kingston’s HyperX 1600/1866 LoVo RAM kit takes memory profiles to a new level.  The reason that the DIMMs are rated for two speeds comes from the fact that it has two different profiles, the low voltage 1600MHz @ 1.25V or 1866MHz @ 1.35V, both significantly lower than the 1.65V maximum for DDR3 and an Intel Core family chip.  The low voltages used mean that you can easily fit these into any system as no heatsinks are needed to cool the RAM.  If you are building a PC that needs to fit in a small space or want a low power system then these DIMMs are perhaps your best choice.  More at Bjorn3D.
“If you are a system builder looking for the absolute lowest power consuming PC then RAM may be something thats overlooked. Extremely low voltage RAM like the kit of HyperX we have here today can really help bring down power usage. This can be a great building block for an extremely low power PC. This also future proofs your components in a way since Intel has stated that the next generation of CPU’s will use even lower voltage DDR3 than what is common today. However we will be using this RAM on an AMD based system which does not require the RAM to run at 1.65 volts or lower. This may be the case in a lot of computers since AMD makes some of the most power efficient CPU’s currently available.”

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