If you are looking for something like the iPad or one of the many similar products that have recently hit the market but haven’t found one that you like enough to pick up then Lenovo might have something for you.  It looks like your average Atom powered netbook, but the IdeaPad S10 has some tricks hidden inside.  The screen is capable of rotation, to the point where it can completely cover the keyboard, which is not an issue as this tablet-like machine has a touch screen.  Take a quick peek at this newly announced Lenovo product at InsideHW.

“Whenever it seems that 10“-diagonal netbooks have nothing left to offer, a manufacturer appears who convinces us otherwise. Although netbooks sales are slowly decreasing worldwide, they still sell remarkably well and take up a sizeable portion of the market. Still, each new model is presented with the problem of the number of truly new things it has to offer, since 10” netbooks are more or less generic: prices varying between 250 and 350 euros, the usual hardware platform, display ergonomics, its size and resolution. We still hope to see more ION 2-based netbooks, since they would bring true refreshment to the netbook scene. In the meantime, certain brands are attempting to gain buyer attention via famous designer names, such as Karim Rashid, Vivienne Tam etc. While we’re waiting for something truly new, Lenovo has tried to cheer us up with a model which, alongside all netbook characteristics, also contains features which place it in the tablet category, most of all – a touchscreen…”

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