Blur: Twisted Metal has been making news for a while now as a mix of Need for Speed and Twisted Metal, combining a racing game with a bit of good old destructive mayhem.  Most of the destruction is based off of on track pickups, five different weapons and three car power-ups are available and none stack so don’t bother picking up multiples.  It lacks the realism of many racing games and while the destruction is a little more extreme than Mario Cart, overall Techgage found it lacking in both areas.  On the other hand, it does offer a nice way to make your friends suffer.

“Are you craving a racing game but can’t ignore your innate desire to just blow things up? If so, Bizarre Creations’ Blur might be just what you’re looking for. It two awesome things, destruction and speed, and results in a title that’s full of eye candy, a good online mode, and a difficulty level that’s sure to challenge even the most hardcore racer.”

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