In one corner is the $500 Acer Aspire 5542 with a dual core AMD Athlon II M300 CPU, the chipset is the AMD RS880M and the SB710 and the graphics are powered by the ATI Radeon HD 4200.  In the other corner is the $550 Gateway NV5933u with Intel’s dual core i3-330M, the Intel HM55 chipset and Intel’s new HD Graphics.  It is not just the internals that they tested, as LCD quality and battery life also play a big part in determining a winner.  Can Intel’s new integrated graphics push their performance closer to AMD’s and does AMD’s new chipset bring anything new to their mobile platform?  Find out here.

“It’s been ten months since our last comparison between the latest AMD and Intel mobile platforms. Since then AMD has updated their mobile chips to 45nm process technology with a K10-derived architecture. Intel hasn’t been sitting idle either, with plenty of 32nm Arrandale laptops readily available. The last time we looked at the two platforms, Intel came out with a clear lead in battery life and CPU performance, but AMD provided a more affordable platform with a substantially better IGP. Now we’re ready to compare the latest Intel and AMD offerings, but there are a few caveats.”

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