Mushkin has entered the PSU game with their new $188 Joule 1000W, which sports a 120mm intake fan that can be set to glow in several different colours and a mix of permanently attached and modular cordage.  It’s half dozen 12V rails can supply up to 912W @ 76A which makes it a solid choice for anyone looking to run multiple graphics cards.  As OCC ran through their testing they found that while the power delivered was nice and clean there were several issues.  The efficiency dropped to 77% at full load, explaining the lack of an 80+ rating on this PSU and as well, like every 1000W PSU on the market, it is loud at full power.

“Power supply technology is constantly evolving and I don’t think it’s too much to expect the current crop of high-end power supplies to maintain 80% efficiency across the board. The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W produced satisfactory results until fully loaded, at which point, the efficiency dipped to 77%. It’s not really a problem and in no way affects the ability to reliably power a PC, but it does mean a few extra dollars on the electricity bill at the end of the year.”

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