The Motormouse 2.4G might not look exactly like a Ferrari but it is much more similar than any other mouse you will find.  It would be easy to mistake this mouse for a child’s toy car but there is no question that it is a fully functional wired mouse.  The design is obviously more for show than comfort as the review DigitalTrends mentions that hand fatigue becomes an issue fairly quickly thanks to the high back (or roof) of the mouse.  They did take advantage of the unique shape with the receiver and batteries which are both stored in the trunk.  Certainly a choice for those looking to show off on the road or parents with car crazy kids.

“At first glance, the Motormouse wireless mouse that is designed to look like a sports car may seem like little more than a gimmick. And it is, but not a bad one. This mouse isn’t for everyone. It won’t appeal to people that are always on the computer, and it won’t replace your mouse at home, but it does add a bit of fun and style to your computer.”

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