As Allyn has become a past master at testing SSDs to destruction and was not interested in PCIe flash storage solutions that could not be used as a boot drive, OCZ has decided to merge the two into one killer product, the RevoDrive.  In this case it is the OCZ RevoDrive 240GB PCIe SSD, sold at an MSRP of $639.99 or $2.66/GB.   It is impressive, beating traditional SSDs easily and while not matching the performance of the FusionIO, it is bootable and it uses far less resources than that particular PCIe SSD.  Check out his full review and be prepared to drool.

“The RevoDrive is an absolute breath of fresh air to the PCIe SSD field. While the raw performance has a hard time besting the likes of FusionIO, it is less demanding on system resources and remains an outstanding performer for its price point. Cost/GB is matched to that of conventional SandForce driven SATA SSD’s, making this unit extremely competitive on price. If you’re considering a pair SandForce SSD’s for use in RAID and have a free PCIe 4x slot available, the RevoDrive is the best way to go.”

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