Packard Bell is a name you may not have heard in a while though that does not mean that they are gone, proof being the new DOT S2 Atom based netbook.  The stats look familiar to anyone who has seen an Atom based netbook, the difference is in the shell and keypad.  The model that t-break had in for review was a pure white exterior with silver highlights.  The keyboard is well designed, giving as much room for the keys as possible while still leaving enough of a gap that you shouldn’t hit more than just the key you are looking for too often.  If your tastes run more towards a professional looking netbook than a shiny bit of netbook bling then checkout the full review.

“If you have been out shopping for a netbook, you might’ve wondered why almost every single netbook that you come across has almost identical specs. An Atom based CPU with 1GB or 2GB RAM, a 9 or 10″ screen with a 1024×600 resolution and 160GB or so hard drive. This is because Intel dictates some of these specifications. So, the most distinguishable thing a manufacturer can do to set itself apart from all its competitors is to make their netbook aesthetically pleasing while being usable. The Packard Bell dot s2 that we’re looking at today manages to do that quite well.”

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