The Puget Systems Experience

Puget Systems is a custom system builder based in the Washington area that promises a combination of the top PC components available with customer service oriented around keeping the user involved through parts selection, ordering, construction, testing and beyond delivery. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can get a 4.0 GHz 6-core processor and water cooled GTX 480s.
Below is our video review of the Puget Systems Deluge computer that we would love for you to check out.   More information, descriptions, photos, etc are available immediately following.

Puget Systems focuses on interaction

For many, buying a new computer is a pretty dull and stale experience.  You either head over to your local big-box retailer and pick out the least crappy option they have in stock or you order from a similar company online and wait a week or three for it show up on your doorstep.  The experience doesn’t really live up to the excitement of building a new machine or the thrill that you eventually get with a faster rig that is ready for some high end gaming action. 

Puget Systems, a builder based in Washington state, attempts to combine the experience of customizing your own rig with having it built for you and supported by a certified team of engineers.  They focus on not just providing their customers with quality hardware, which they do, but in providing a custom experience from purchasing to delivery.  We’ll explain how as we explore one such system that was ordered and built for us at PC Perspective.

Much of this customer experience centers around the Puget Systems website so setting up your account there is crucial.  After you carefully select the system you want and configure it as you’d like (we’ll go over the system specs of our build and more on the following pages) you are immediately a part of the process.  Customers see up to the minute updates on the build process of their computer from installation, to testing, quality control and more. 

Puget Systems Deluge i7-980X GTX 480 SLI Review - Money can buy happiness - Systems 39

Above you’ll see a screenshot from the company website as we watched the process take place for our system.  We can see not only that something like “verify HDMI output with audio” actually happened, but by who (Matthew) and when (May 14th @ 12:50pm)!  This is all updated in near real-time as the system goes through the several day construction process giving you a much more intimate look at what is going on with your new baby before it arrives.

Puget Systems Deluge i7-980X GTX 480 SLI Review - Money can buy happiness - Systems 40

After installation is complete and preliminary tests are done the Puget Systems team takes the computer through several rounds of benchmarks and posts the results on the customer website as well.  Several performance tests are done and here you can see temperature testing is run on the CPU, GPU, etc.  There are burn-in tests, CrystalDiskMark storage tests and much much more.  Again, this is available almost immediately to the customer so you can see how your system will perform and start bragging to your friends before it even reaches your door.

Puget Systems Deluge i7-980X GTX 480 SLI Review - Money can buy happiness - Systems 41

Even cooler, you can show it to those friends as well!  Puget Systems will take photos of your PC before they box it up for shipping so you can see it fully built and ready for gaming.  The thermal pictures are equally impressive – here you can tell how the cooler configuration is working on your system and is something that we’d love to be able to do to ALL of our testing setups here at PC Perspective. 

Puget Systems Deluge i7-980X GTX 480 SLI Review - Money can buy happiness - Systems 42

Once the system arrives Puget treats you like a customer that knows what they are doing by providing all of the accessories that were not used in your system build but were provided by the individual components.  This allows you to upgrade your system or modify things as you see fit without having to be troubled with ordering extra water block back planes, for example. 

Puget Systems Deluge i7-980X GTX 480 SLI Review - Money can buy happiness - Systems 43

Puget also provides a print out of nearly all the information that was available online in a three-ring binder for easy storage and quick reference about components, speeds, benchmarks, etc.  Support documentation is also included here. 

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