Microsoft is showing off their own take on a 3D display and it is one that people may find preferable to alternatives that require you to wear glasses.  By varying the thickness of the display and uses tracking cameras to steer the LED light to your eyes directly.  The processing power prohibited this type of 3D display until recently when newer generations of processors arrived that could handle the load.  It is also a very small solution, no bulky projectors needed as this will fit in a normal TV/display from factor.  The viewing angle is a little thin right now, but Ars Technica reports that currently 2 people can watch the screen simultaneously so it is not quite as limiting as some other 3D display solutions.

“The Microsoft Applied Sciences Group has developed a new lens that lets you watch three- dimensional content without 3D glasses. The new lens is thinner at the bottom (about 6mm) than at the top (11mm) and steers light to a viewer’s eyes via LEDs along its bottom edge. The 3D display uses a camera to track viewers so that it knows where to steer the light; the idea isn’t new, but the required CPU power is now affordable and small enough to pull it off on a large scale.”

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