id Tech 5 is the name of the engine that will drive Rage and the new instalment of the DOOM franchise and there has been some speculation as to whether that game engine will favour the XBox or the PlayStation.  The specific concern has to do with hitting the magical 60fps and keeping the game at that rate throughout the players experience.  John Carmack has spoken with Beyond3D and has assured them that while the challenges these two consoles differ, there is a solution for both.  The PC version’s performance will of course depend on the hardware and graphical settings and as of yet we are still unsure when the Mac version shall arrive. 

“There are a few questions regarding Rage, the next game by id Software, that are left to answer. Ever since the game was announced for XBOX 360, PS3, PC and Mac (though at E3 2010 id wasn’t sure if a Mac version will come out), one of the more frequent ones has been which of the two consoles will offer the best experience, either feature-wise or framerate. Our very own Rangers shot that question over to John Carmack and here’s what id’s Technical Director and part time rocket scientist had to say.”

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