If you are a big fan of TV and movies then there is a good chance you would rather spend your free time watching the aforementioned entertainment as opposed to building the machine that will provide the entertainment.  The ASRock ION 330HT-BDis an inexpensive and very quick way to get yourself a fully functional HTPC without too much effort on your part.  In box smaller than an Xbox is housed an Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz CPU on an ION board with a 320GB 5400rpm hard drive, 2GB of RAM and a Blu-ray ROM.  The backplate features an impressive array of inputs and outputs which should satisfy the needs of just about anyone.  Drop by Legit Reviews for the full list of specs and a look at performance.

“Packed with some impressive technology, the ION 330HT-BD could be just the HTPC you’ve been looking for. At its heart, it has an Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz CPU. The Atom 330 is a dual core, hyper threaded CPU. While it isn’t a monster performer, it has very low power use and is right at home for use in an HTPC. The other important part of an HTPC is the graphics processor. As the name suggests this an NVIDIA ION chip, which means it capable of DX10 graphics, and full 1080p hardware accelerated video playback. Priced at $509.99 + $6.99 shipping , this is a good solution for someone not familiar with putting a system together but looking to get into a HTPC…”

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