X-bit Labs had a chance to speak with Sebastian Steibl, the director of Intel Labs Braunschweig, who is working with the team designing Intel’s 48 core CPU, aka the Single Chip Cloud Computer.  They touch on what architecture these cores use and just how those cores have been designed to be used.  It may be a little technical for anyone not interested in L2 cache coherency and the benefits and drawbacks of having heterogeneous core frequencies but for those who are interested this proves to be a good read.  As a bonus they asked a few questions of Jon Peddie about the future of discreet CPUs and GPUs and inserted them in the interview.

“Intel’s 48-core single chip cloud computer (SCC) unveiled just about half a year ago has quickly gained a lot of attention to itself as not only the world’s first x86 processor with 48 processing engines, but also as a potential successor of the infamous Larrabee. Today we are speaking with one of the co-designers of the SCC in order to find out more about the ambitious project that is not supposed to come alive. In addition, we have an independent expert Jon Peddie to tell us about the future of CPUs and GPUs.”

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