Move over Sony, powerVR and nVIDIA because Nintendo has gone with a company called DMP to provide graphics for the new 3DS.  The chip is the 400MHz PICA 200 and it is an evolution of their established Ultray architecture that knows a few tricks, including a rather unique use of hardware based parametric engines in place of what competitors use computational shader engines for.  That probably had a huge impact on Nintendo’s decision as the hardware solution does the same job with less power requirements as well as less heat.  Jon Peddie has quite a bit of information on the chip and you can drop by hardCOREware to see how the raw specs line up with previous Nintendo DS generations.

“Today, DMP announced in Japan that Nintendo has adopted DMP PICA200 for the 3DS.

The new Nintendo 3DS is an amazing little device. The DS has already been a beloved machine attracting over 100 million users since 2004. Not many products (that I can think of, at least) can match that volume of enthusiasm or the customer base. And it’s self perpetuating because the installed base attracts developers which create new games which attracts new consumers – it is a perfect ecosystem.”

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