One of the nicest parts to the new Corsair’s Force F120 solid-state drive is that it allows access to more of the flash memory for storage.  The original 128GB capacity drive only allowed the use of 100GB while the new version allows you 120GB, as Allyn reported on in May.  The reason behind the overprovisioned memory is to increase the lifetime of the drive as well as allowing an increase in speed as it can change the blocks of flash that are being used on the fly, if it is advantageous to.  The Tech Report has recently had a chance to check out how this new firmware has changed the performance of the drive as well as what focusing on consumer level products will do to Corsair’s SSD products in general.

“The first SandForce-based SSDs only squeezed 100GB of storage capacity from 128GB worth of flash. Corsair’s Force F120 kicks that capacity up to 120GB, but not without consequences.”

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