First off is the cooling system as the Gigabyte R585OC uses what Gigabyte refers to as a new generation inclined fan which they claim offers more than a 25% increase in cooling performance.  That extra cooling is added as Gigabyte increased the core clock from 725MHz to 765MHz though they left the memory frequency alone though [H]ard|OCP did not and added 500MHz effective speed to the memory and another 10MHz to the core.  The testing they did on the new fan showed improved performance compared to the stock cooling found on other cards but unfortunately not the 27% improvement that Gigabyte had promised.  Drop by to see how it fares in recent games against its stock brothers and a GTX470.

“The Gigabyte R585OC offers a new generation of inclined cooling fans, Ultra Durable components, and higher GPU frequencies. We test against a stock clock Radeon HD 5850 and a GeForce GTX 470 in Splinter Cell Conviction, Metro 2033, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Aliens vs. Predator.”

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