It’s Friday again and for those of us still working the traditional days, it is the reward for surviving one of those weeksagain.  On the plus side, after living through that week there is a good chance that you will have learned something by the end of it, even if the learning process is occasionally painfulThat goes double for those using Linux, both the learning curve and the feeling of accomplishment when you successfully overcome your obstacle seem greater on that open source OS.  Once you have succeeded you can head over to the Gaming Forum where you can join in the fun, the Steam sale is rather popular there.   You could also consider helping out one of our forum members, he has written a small benchmark to help him figure out which processor offers the best dollar to performance value in a Fire Area simulator.  You can compare benchmarks with other members and help out improving fire fighting techniques

You should also check out our 111th Episode of the PC Perspective Podcast available in audio now and video soon, and featuring hot-swappable Canadians!