3D displays are really trying to take a chunk of the market, with several display manufacturers, nVIDIA and many small players all rushing products into market.  The initial investment can be quite steep whichever route you take to be able to display your entertainment in 3D which is why we are seeing several all in one solutions of various types.  Merlin has recently released what seems to be a 3D picture frame, a 7″ LCD with an 800×480 pixel display capable of displaying video and stills in 3D, as well as having a few other features familiar to MP3 players, like a calendar.   You do get a chance to see in 3D without glasses and the installed software will try to make a 2D source into 3D but it was hard for t-break to judge how successfully it worked as they couldn’t watch for more than a minute before their eyes became tired.

“Looking to experience 3D without glasses? Merlin might have a solution for you.”

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