The Tech Report has gathered a group of eleven SSDs running in price from the $110 40GB Intel X25-V to a $668 256GB WD SiliconEdge Blue drive which represent seven different controllers.  They take it a step beyond just $/GB and use that rating to in conjunction with HD Tune to bring performance into the equation.  The winner on that front does bring some disadvantages, while running a pair of Intel’s X25-V’s in RAID0 does offer a large margin over the competition we still lack a RAID controller that can pass TRIM commands nor do all RAID controllers happily allow the RAIDing of X25-Vs.  The inherent dangers of RAID0 also apply to that setup, though you will love the performance as well as the money left in your pocket after the upgrade.  Check out the full results in their review.

“Are SSDs worth the extra scratch versus hard drives? Which one is the best value? Our scatter plots have returned to tackle the SSD value proposition.”

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