The Crucial Ballistix Thermal Sensor Memory Kit that Benchmark Reviews got its hands on is similar to other kits that Crucial has released but offers an interesting feature.  It has a temperature sensor built in that is able to determine the current voltage, speed, clockings and temperature and display that information for you.  While that is a very handy tool for overclockers who are trying to determine just how far their RAM subsystem can be pushed this particular kit was not the best one to choose to integrate a sensor on.  Try as they might, Benchmark Reviews could not convince these DIMMs to give them a decent overclock.

“Ask any PC enthusiast and they’ll tell you that system heat is a constant concern, said Crucial Ballistix senior product manager, Jeremy Mortenson. The new Crucial Ballistix kit comes with a pair of innovations in memory cooling. The first one is an improved heat spreader design compared to the old models. This isn’t such a big innovation in the memory market but the second will be an interesting one for sure. Crucial added thermal sensors for temperature monitoring via software. Since we’re PC enthusiasts at Benchmark Reviews, the BL2KIT25664FN160 kit from Crucial couldn’t miss our benchmark’s suite and tests. Join us in this article to watch out what this new Crucial Ballistix Kit has to offer.”

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