The Sans Digital TowerRAID TR4UT-B is a relatively small box that will hold up to four hot-swappable HDDs with a maximum storage capacity of 8TB.  Almost any RAID configuration that you want to set up that can be done with 4 drives is acceptable to this box, making it one of the most flexible of RAID boxes.  The eSATA connection will provide enough bandwidth between the TowerRAID and the system it is connected to especially when you use the included Rocket eSATA 6 Gb/s host adapter card.  Drop by Bjorn3D to see it.

“Over the last few year most of us have collected a significant amount of digital media on our computers. We致e taken tons of photos, saving every one, as well as rip our music collection and possible even our movie collection to disk. Add to that all the important documents we have saved as well as all the software we bought and downloaded and it is not odd that the need for more storage has increased year by year. A lot of companies have recognized the need and come out with external storage solutions and these have just gotten cheaper by the minute. But there is one big problem with most of these products: they rely on just one hard drive in the enclosure. The main problem with this is of course that if, or maybe even when, the hard drive fails all the precious data is lost.

The solution is quite simple; use multiple hard drives in RAID. The product we are reviewing today has room for 4 hard drives and a ton of different RAID-configurations. Not only that, it also supports eSATA at SATA-600 speeds and comes with a PCI-Express SATA-600 controller card. Can it get any better?

Join us as we pick the Sans Digital TowerRAID TR4UT-B enclosure apart. Can it really live up to its promises?”

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